Moto Ambulance at Baolala Dispensary donated by Rotaract Como


Through Kariburini onlus NGO whom are in partnership with Ahadi Kenya trust Rotaract como donated a moto ambulance which can arrive to places with poor road network, it has a detachable bed which health workers can remove and use it to go inside the house and ferry patient to the nearest health facility .thanks to Rotaract come for this big support , using this ambulance patients will arrive to the facility with dignity unlike before whereby people were ferried using wheelbarrows or carried by village youth .this ambulance has privacy and it is covered ensuring that the climatic conditions will not hinder with the patient. The community has come up with a work plan on how to utilise the motor ambulance. It is scheduled to go in the interior twice a week to do vaccination, and visit expecting mothers to advice and attend them to ensure that cases of death during delivery is reduced.